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Show HN: Analytics Academy (segment.io)
36 points by pkrein on Feb 7, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

I've been looking to compile a list of non-coding resources that are AS important as learning to code for founders. Essentially, things for non-technical co-founders to master before they start the process of learning to code.

See, you're a non-technical co-founder with a technical co-founder, learning to code can really help your business. But what's better is to first master everything BUT coding that can actually have a huge impact on the early development of the business, to take that 100% off the technical co-founders plate.

This belongs on that list (I hope)

You people really need to distinguish between web analytics and plain-old analytics.

Couldn't have been more timelier for myself (and company)! Thanks for the share.

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