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Startups are here to save the world (venturehacks.com)
11 points by swohns on Feb 7, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 8 comments

Nivi, so true that friction must be lessened all along the startup path in order to advance the greater good; however, that friction is embodied by people and their vested interests in promulgating the obstacles to startups.

I believe the way forward is a coordinated effort to help shine greater light on the visions, struggles, failures and successes of entrepreneurs and their startups - at the community, statewide and nationwide levels. Normal people simply must be more aware of the cycle of starting a business, all of the challenges it entails, and how citizens are ultimately the only ones who have the power to demand that their representatives, agencies and even corporations do what is necessary to not only allow, but encourage and shepherd young businesses. It is ultimately in our fellow citizens’ best interest to actively insist on not only removing obstacles but also adding rules and actions that are focused on helping broaden and lengthen the runway for all startups.

The reason friction is so high for startups is akin to the reason our political system is hopelessly broken, in that lobbyists have bought and packaged 80% of politicians' votes, with utter disregard for any aspirations to address the greater good of the average American. Entrenched companies and the agencies and services that cater to and profit from them have no interest in allowing healthy competition, unless forced to do so through public outcry.

Thankfully, AngelList, the JOBS Act, Startup America Partnership and many others factors are quickly leveling the playing field and giving normal Americans much more transparency and access into the world of startups and their crucial, integral and growing part to play in the future of our economy.

Excellent! And NYC is contributing to this big time!! REad more here: http://valuationapp.info/2012/12/09/the-startup-scenario-in-...

Entereprenuers are hardest working bunch. We dream, we think big, we want to make the difference in the big world. We innovate, we create some off the best new products. Thank you Angelist and everyone else who supports us!

https://angel.co/bedabroad is the manifestation of your vision.

"Delivering innovation at scale" is exactly what let McDonald's grow like few companies before or since.

Just have to ask... what is the author's complaint with McDonalds? If he has one, he should include it.

I think Nivi's point is that McDonald's — while certainly a successful business at scale — doesn't do much to improve humanity. Just a guess.

Wait until cognitive computing becomes THE big thing and space suits begin to make sense.

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