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It's called a premature midlife crisis (usually happens right before or at age 30). Some people get over it by dumping their life experience before that point completely while others, like myself, slowly wean off programming onto something else.

A friend I've known since high school gave up a very lucrative career as a managing consultant to become... a farmer. Yup, he plants stuff and sells them at a bi-weekly market and keeps going in the winter thanks to his greenhouse. Currently engaged to a lovely lady and, to my surprise and delight, he's completely happy.

It's a funny thing to feel like the industry you're good at (or been cornered into) is really not how you want to spend your life. And may in fact be zapping what life and vigor you have.

Which is why, I've been improving my carpentry while keeping up with automation tech (Arduino, Raspberry pi, Beaglebone etc...) so when I build my smart green house and cabin, I can get down to what I really want to do.

Making soap.

Side note: This isn't as crazy an idea as you might think. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3IryIOyPfTE

I think I may be starting to feel this as well. I'm 27 and have been feeling resistant to staying a programmer. My father in law has been showing me the ropes of being handy - woodworking, wiring electric, etc. I've been brewing my own beer occasionally baking bread and some days it just seems like doing anything with my hands instead of sitting at a desk all day would make me feel much more alive.

Then again, maybe not. I've gone through this with programming before and I usually swing back around to enjoying it.

It also helps that the pay is great for something that a lot of days I think I would do for free.

I think it's generally a good idea to do something you enjoy on the side that could potentially turn into your daily job - in other words an emergency plan for the future ;)

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