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[nod] To be fair, I am fishing for folks who have been injured by fake DMCA takedowns, and injured monetarily at that. Recent 512(f) cases focus (unduly) on direct economic injury (Rossi v MPAA, Lenz v UMC) so finding claimants who were financially significantly harmed by shitty takedowns are going to be the ones for whom a lawsuit is going to be most likely to succeed.

Personally, I'm not trying to monetize it (IANAL), but I'd love to make some lawyers rich suing lame companies who deliberately issue fake takedowns. I was a plaintiff in OPG v Diebold (the first 512f case!) but didn't personally financially benefit even with a six figure judgement.

Would love your thoughts on how to reword the copy.

I have a few suggestions:

1. Make it more personal. Who are you? Why do you care? Why are you NOT just a suit looking to represent someone and earn an income?

2. Don't ask questions to make your point per se; e.g. instead of "Are you..." & "Have you...", begin with a short description of what your website is. In fact, the last two sentences are the most compelling, not the first two.

3. Show passion. You just described experience with victimization. Translate that into passion and sympathy for other people.

You're not a lawyer. But I could have confused you for one. Lawyers are not generally trusted as a identity group - individual lawyers have to prove themselves competent and trustworthy. But before that, they are very often treated with suspicion by the public.

That's too much work for you or a startup. You don't have much to go on right this second - secure user trust by playing to emotion with your experience. That's front page worthy.

I hope that helps, David.

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