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The Big Ruby Vulnerabilities (zedshaw.com)
14 points by jacktang 3260 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

For what it's worth, this is 9 months old and all the specific problems mentioned were fixed a while ago. But the general techniques Zed presents are still valid and interesting.

all the specific problems mentioned were fixed a while ago

I presume you mean the specific Ruby problems. Anyone know if the cultural problems he alleges, namely lack of disclosure, have been fixed? Or are Ruby and especially Rails run like a benevolent oligarchy of insiders?

I'd be interested to find out how other languages fair in similar metrics, both in terms of their code base and in terms of how their communities handled these vulnerabilities. Do Python, Perl, Lua, etc suffer similar shortcomings?

Yes, you too can look deep into Satan's anus...

I, for one, am glad Zed's still got (at least parts of) his "fucking awesome" persona...

It's a repost after he reorganized his site. I'm not too sure why that means everything must instantly be reposted here.

Yeah. The front page is in an odd state today.

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