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Bubble Warning

That is the more fitting word, instead of 'all time high market cap'. See our before-it-was-famous academic debunking of Bitcoin: http://www.pds.ewi.tudelft.nl/~victor/bitcoin.html

Highlights: - scalability to Visa/Mastercast number-of-transactions is architecturally not possible currently - as many have said: it's not anonymous - security has numerous widely discussed issues

Your last paragraph on the link says it all: "BitTorrent is technologically complicated, infrastructure-wise inefficient, much less usable than a regular Web download, etc. But it got popular anyway, mostly because of unreasonable greed and paranoia of incumbent oligopolistic players."

After reading this (I started with reading the conclusion) I'm glad that I didn't waste my time with the remainder of the article. This doesn't seem to be an objective article, but just subjective ranting.

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