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They should use some of that money to decrease their absurdly high subscription price when you run 10s of dynos on heroku

Agreed. We have 100 dyno's running and it was around $7k a month! This effectively doubled our dyno cost. We turned it off as it wasn't really telling us anything we didn't already know.

If you are worried about cost, just run it on a subset of your servers. 10-20% of your servers should be enough to gather most information you need... unless you are using new relic as the only aggregator of server status/monitoring... and that should be heroku's job.

We were battling a specific type of Heroku error (H12) that really required all of our dyno's to be monitored. We turned NR off and went with a (much) less expensive service that ended up telling us exactly the information that we needed across our entire cluster of machines. Hopefully with this extra cash, NR can improve their service because I honestly wasn't that impressed. It didn't live up to the hype at all for me.

Mind noting which service? We're a New Relic customer but oh yeah, frigging expensive.

I'd like to know which service you're using as well.

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