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First, well done. It's hard doing this kind of thing in a vacuum, and this is a great start.

From my perspective, the inventory management piece needs some work. Think about it this way - you get a half dozen boxes in with four different styles of shirts in three colors and four sizes. What's the fastest way to get this information into inventory? Example: the long-sleeve shirt with piping arrives in two colors - in green you receive 1xs, 2s, 4m, 4l, 2xl, and in blue you receive 2xs, 3s, 3m, 3L, 1xl. Styles are rarely available for more than a season, so this is a process that is repeated again and again and again. Customers will also want to be able to track product cost, associate products with a vendor, and enter the vendor's sku. Otherwise, it's "We need to reorder those pink shirts. Where did we get those?"

I'd ditch the customer photo. It looks nice in the demo, but I don't really follow why an ecommerce customer would provide a photo. It also makes the rows on the Customers page really tall, which means that you get many fewer customers on a page. The same goes for the products page in the control panel - I'd keep the photos, but reduce the thumbnail size.

On the Products page, I'd want to be able to sort by sales for a given time period. I'd want to know which products are selling well, and which aren't.

Finally, I didn't see any shipping settings (apologies if I missed them)? You'll need to be able to calculate shipping cost for a given shipping provider (FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc) from the point of origin to the customer. Shipping costs are pretty much what makes or breaks an online retail company. Ideally, you'd allow for more than one carrier, since small/light items are usually much cheaper to ship via USPS.

Seriously, that's some of the best feedback I've gotten from anyone. Thank you. I'll definitely look into implementing those changes.

You can get to the shipping settings from the general settings page. Right now you create shipping rules which are based on price and weight that you can assign to specific countries. There is no integration with FedEx, UPS, or USPS yet but in previous versions I had spent some time integrating their shipping rate and shipping label api's which I plan on adding back soon.

Glad to help. I co-founded an online retail company in the early 00s and (foolishly?) decided that the off-the-shelf stuff available at the time didn't solve our problems, so I ended up writing a lot of code to handle our specific inventory management and shipping issues.

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