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falsestprophet 437 days ago | link | parent

To be fair, SETI@Home has delivered most consistent results.

yread 437 days ago | link

you mean "nothing" ?


cryptoz 437 days ago | link

What? Don't be silly. If they delivered no results or "nothing" at all, the project would have been shut down years ago. SETI has consisently reported that they have searched through a very large amount of signal and found only natural noise. That data is extremely valuable and is absolutely not "nothing".


shaurz 437 days ago | link

The aliens are using subspace communication, no wonder we haven't found anything yet.


rorrr 437 days ago | link

Or encrypted communications, indistinguishable from noise.


timbre 437 days ago | link

An unintended consequence of the "https everywhere" practice.


Zarathust 437 days ago | link

It doesn't have to be encrypted, just some basic compression algorithm eliminate patterns and make it very difficult to distinguish from noise. Being efficient achieves the same result as being sneaky


wikwocket 437 days ago | link

If you want to run some distributed computing but don't like SETI@Home, give worldcommunitygrid.org a look. They run a number of projects aimed at curing stubborn diseases and working on clean energy and water. As a bonus, if you use it as your screensaver, the graphics for many of the projects are pretty cool.


ctdonath 437 days ago | link

Sometimes, as with the Michelson–Morley experiment, a result of "nothing" is absolutely profound and changes the course of science.


frozenport 437 days ago | link

Michelson and Morley could reach a negative conclusion with one experiment

It is not clear when to stop SETI


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