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I also checked the shasum by comparing 2 files.

The Mega link (Mac client) from the official web page: bd9fe1e58343a5c03295a975697de3e64e65b42c

asiekierka's Mac link: bd9fe1e58343a5c03295a975697de3e64e65b42c

Both file sizes are the same (9,690,941 bytes, 9.7 MB on disk). Maybe the discrepancy has to do with -a flag for 224, 256, 384, or 512 or something.

I think his mirror is safe. It's the one I used to successfully jailbreak my iPad 3. Now I can SSH into my iPad and change the hosts file for some ad-blocking and installed Flux for "easier on the eyes" nighttime reading.

I don't look forward to Apple's next update which will wipe out my jailbreak, so I don't want to customize things too much. Last time I did a jailbreak for my iPod Touch, it messed up an in-app purchasing mechanism for a game I was testing. After this experience, I dread that jailbreaks will cause unforeseen problems and prefer not having to customize every single little tech option. Still, I performed this jailbreak mostly to get ad-blocking in MobileSafari.

Actually, one snag I have: the iPad time was totally wrong, insisting that it was 8 hours ahead, and the General Settings wouldn't properly automatically update the time. Had to do a lot of fiddling with Location services and Date & Time to fix it.

Jailbreakin' ain't all that it's cracked up to be!

Another glitch: the volume controls don't work correctly. No matter what level your volume is at, if you press the down button just once, the volume will go completely to 0! You have to keep pressing up again to reach the proper level. Quite annoying when the volume is a function used so many times a day. Jailbreaking may allow you to get more features, but it usually brings a whole host of headaches, too. I'll probably just stick with the standard iOS system after the next update.

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