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"What was she supposed to do? Treat alleged suicide risks specially?"

This is entirely separate from the rest of the injustices surrounding Aaron's persecution and suicide, but: yes, yes she should have. It's incomprehensible to me that you're suggesting otherwise: if someone is known as being a suicide risk, you make attempts to eliminate or mitigate as much as possible that risk. Even if it gets in the way of some secondary goals like career advancement or can be manipulated by certain malefactors.

Taren's wrong on this in some ways: Aaron's depression, or at least his unique mental disposition, definitely played a big part in everything. But that doesn't exonerate the prosecutors; it puts more blood on their hands.

We'll have to agree to disagree. I think short of being faced with someone who is such a high suicide risk that he should be committed for his own safety, prosecutors have no special duty to treat possible suicide risks specially.

What I find odd is that you think it "incomprehensible" that anyone would disagree with you. I think lots of people would disagree with you on this point. Indeed, I think the majority of Americans would disagree with you. We put people in jail for stealing to feed their kids, we put people in jail for killing abusive husbands, etc. We go out of our way to treat defendants uniformly.

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