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Not worth it because the parallel jailbroken world instead of being something full of free and interesting things is poor and full of things that you need to pay for, but, 5 times the average app price on iTunes.

I'm not going to get instabilities and hard to upgrade devices just for SBSettings or alike.

Unfortunately too many people only jailbreak so that they can install software for free. That said it completely sucks that Apple does not allow me to be in control of what I want to install, including apps downloaded from a web site.

Also, a lot of people install SBSettings just because how freaking lame is the iOS algorithm to understand how bright the screen should be a given light level. Lame.

Please don't lump everyone wanting to JB into the same (laughable, to me) SBSettings or the even more presumptuous pirating use cases. For example, I'm in Canada, and my favourite music service is Grooveshark (Spotify is not available). The only way to get the Grooveshark iOS app is through jailbreaking.

Sure, too many people but definitely not everybody, and I just talk for what I see, that is, the population here in Italy that I can monitor directly (however in Italy there is a strong inclination for software piracy).

Agreed--I'm in for f.lux

I Jailbreak mainly for SSH, VLC, Grooveshark, and being able to write and install my own software that does whatever I want. SBSettings is awesome, though.

Enabling tethering is a strong motivation to jailbreak.

sorry here in Italy it is enabled by default with all the operators so I was not aware of that.

I jailbreak only because it was the easiest way to get data and MMS working on my _unlocked_ AT&T iPhone using Straight Talk. It was a choice of spending $5 for TetherMe or spending hours swapping SIMs or editing backup files.

Now that iPhones are more or less officially on Straight Talk (vie Walmart), there might be a better solution.

I don't agree with all that you've said but fuck if you ain't spot on about brightness.

Swipebright is my poison.

I jail broke for "protect my privacy" and shell access. Way better than sbsettings

Seconded. Also for vim.

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