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As a sidenote, I'm interested in hearing piracy numbers after this jailbreak. Is piracy still popular, or are people just jailbreaking solely for the mods?

didn't hackulous develop Appsync? That's the only simple method I knew of for transferring pirated apps from iTunes to the iDevice. Which is the main way the non technical users did it. Now that they've called it quits piracy will probably be drastically slowed down until there are new well known alternatives.

I could be totally wrong though, I don't own any iDevices, just basing my knowledge off helping people jailbreak their phones and pods over the past many years (except this last year of course..)

Try AppCake or vShare. Installous is dead.

I'm not interesting in pirating apps, I'm interested in either prevention and/or not selecting iOS as a games platform. Nothing has shaken me more than buying an iPad 3 off Craigslist because the dude couldn't jailbreak it to get free apps. (And he definitely did not come across as a technical person.)

It will always happen. The only known way to prevent this is to get your users to authenticate in your DRM service.

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