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Call it depression or fragile mind or mental health. Whatever you call, it's probably the main factor. Truth is he has a girl friend. He wasn't starving. It wasn't clear if he would be found guilty. Even if he would be found guilty, go to jail, he would still have a very good future (being who he is with all of his connections and accomplishments).

Many folks are in much worse positions everyday and they don't kill themselves.

He was probably a good honorable guy, but he made the mistake of killing himself. There are horrible people that you have to deal with in life; there are horrible situations that you might have to be in. You can't blame them for killing yourself. If you take your own life, it is you first and foremost.

All of these soft talks trying to shift blame to these horrible lawyers are dangerous. The truth is there are bright young folks who are probably have similar mental health issues with Aaron. If the going gets tough, they might think of killing themselves as well. The best message, and the right thing to say is, if you kill yourself, it is your darn fault.

I disagree with you. Everyone has moments of weaknesses. Everyone has the potential to become depressed. Depression is caused by a combination of situational and dispositional factors. Let me give you concrete examples. There are people who are a bit prone to depression. These people would be more likely to feel depressed when exposed to stressors which won't trigger major depression in other people. However, when the stressor gets extremely severe, it would trigger depression even in people who are not prone to depression. A classical example of this is soldiers who suffer from PTSD after being in the wars. Most of them would never have such problem if they have not gone to war and have not been exposed to all these atrocities.

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