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Closed source probably for practical reasons, to make it harder for Apple to quickly release a "fix".

By the time a patch is publicly released like this, I'm sure Apple will have it decompiled and know what the exploit is within weeks if not days since the actual exploit code won't be much code to analyze (as opposed to digging through all of iOS like the jailbreakers have to do find an exploitable location).

Plus, Apple I'm sure has plenty of software/hardware debuggers they can attach to their own hardware that'd let them know what is happening even if they didn't have the closed/open binary.

(Days matter.) Another issue is that open-sourcing the exploit makes it easier to use for nefarious purposes in the mean time, and it isn't like knowing exactly how the exploit works actually helps end users protect themselves, due to Apple's platform policies. In essence, this is all a really dangerous ethical tightrope to be walked.

It's an honor to get a response from the great saurik himself, especially on a day when I'm sure you're very busy trying to keep Cydia up.

Thanks for the info.

That's not my experience of the Apple jailbreaking community. I'm starting to see the same mentality in the Android rooting community too.

When I went to jailbreak an Apple TV 2, I was presented with lists of software to buy. WTF? Show me the code.

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