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justinwr 437 days ago | link | parent

The last time I jailbroke my devices they slowed to a crawl and crashed frequently. Felt like I had installed Windows on my iOS device. I'd much rather have my walled garden of reliable bliss.

I'll still donate to the cause however. Keep up the fine work gents! :)

baddox 437 days ago | link

That's odd. Which device and which jailbreak was it, if you can remember? From my experience, it was almost certainly a piece of software (e.g. from Cydia) that caused the instability, not the jailbreak itself.


nvarsj 437 days ago | link

Actually, that's just standard iOS behavior.

Disclaimer: ex-iPhone user now on Android


bobbles 436 days ago | link

It would have been the apps that you installed, not the jailbreak itself.


justinwr 424 days ago | link

Oh it definitely was.


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