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I was confused as to how a lot of folks took the post to mean I didn't know what polymorphism was...and then I experienced the whole Arrested Development-esque "I've made a huge mistake," probably a little too late.

A lot of folks drew attention to "You can reuse code with inheritance. Absolutely crazy. Brilliant." and took as equivalent to me saying "It's absolutely crazy and brilliant you can reuse code with inheritance." I get that both in- and especially out-of-context that's how it comes off, but it's not what I meant. It was sloppy and I should've been more careful in writing.

I meant it to come off more like "...everything is dynamic and decided at run-time, plus you get a great plugin architecture if you do some polymorphic tricks with these RowType objects. And all of these benefits came from just one simple refactoring. The power of small refactors is absolutely crazy. Brilliant." (I've added this as an addendum to the post)

Like the point of the whole thing wasn't about the refactor itself and if/how the code "rocked my world", but the fact that a refactor could have a seismic effect on the future of a project and the direction it takes.

The addition of many more row "types" wasn't even in the orbit of my thinking without the refactor, and it really helped shape where the project went: there were just those 4 branches in the `if`/`else` tree in this post, but there are now 20-odd default row configurations.

Hope that helps some folks to add more context

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