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For a sysadmin/network admin/help desk role (generally speaking) the answer is sort of. As someone who does a lot of tech interviews, I would take a person who writes open software and engages in discussions on mailing lists that I can find via google more than a person with a 4 year degree from $no_name_school. Having worked with plenty of people from Harvard who are poor employees and coworkers, I feel it just depends on the environment and role.

For a software developer role, you generally need a degree. Some of the harder algorithmic aspects can be super hard to learn on your own. However, any degree can be trumped by experience. I see github as the absolute best resume available.

It is possible, but very difficult to get any job in upper management without a degree.

Disclaimer: I've worked professionally in tech for 10+ years, lack a college education, and am very successful. However, I did a technical job for 4 years in the US Army.

You are the best example i can get for a person with no degree and still successful. I feel the same but the environment i live in, with the people who come from a background where they do degree just because they don't know what to do next after their school, makes me a li'l underestimated and sometimes i go depressed.

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