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Thanks. Yes, we have some very clear plans on how to grow. This was a big problem for us about a year ago, when our only method of growth was by posting to r/android and r/xoom. Currently, the project has solved the original chicken-and-egg problem in that we already have enough users that our existing userbase provides enough content to be interesting to new users.

We have a new method of very large growth coming up, though. There have been at least four different app developers that have contacted us recently, asking if they could include pressureNET inside their own apps. These are typically very popular apps with 1,000,000+ installs. Now, most of these users don't have barometers, but even 1% would be very large growth for this project. So there's that. This requires me to build a simple pressureNET SDK, which is a priority for this weekend.

Beyond this short-term, large growth, we have another plan which is to contact local Samsung and carrier offices and hopefully work towards a goal of having pressureNET included in next-generation phones. Contacting Google is a very clear long-term goal, but I want to grow with my current opportunities a bit more first.

Congrats on reaching critical mass already!

I wonder about those 3rd party developers: what's the incentive for them to include pressureNET in their apps?

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