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Trying the app I saw there's an option choosing who you want to share your data with. I'm inclined to choose 'public' but in the end lack of insight into whether and/or how you do data anonymization made me chose otherwise.

Care to elaborate a bit on how and what you do with the data?

Excellent question. I do realize that our sharing options are a bit vague, and I'm going to write up official descriptions and examples to eliminate all the confusion. We have not taken any action on the 'Public' option yet, so for now that option is equivalent to 'Us, Researchers and Forecasters'. There is currently no anonymization done as our only customer so far (Cliff Mass) requires the full dataset for calibration. For the Public data set, we will look into how to deal with this - it should probably not include unique identifiers, and so we'll likely remove those. This does, however, remove some of the utility of the dataset, so perhaps there is another option.

I'll make sure to be more open and clear about this as we make the decisions. Thanks for your comment.

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