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Do you have a plan to monetize pressureNET? I've been testing it for a few weeks. It's a very interesting project!

Also, pressureNET's privacy settings say, "The data we collect is the location of your device, the time, and your atmospheric pressure." Is a unique device ID shared with researchers or the public?

We most definitely have a plan to monetize pressureNET. We're working towards that goal right now by building a customer-facing API that will allow us to livestream our data to professional forecasters. We've already seen decent customer interest, and we haven't even reached out to anyone yet - just general media coverage is showing us that there's a definite market for our data.

A hashed unique device ID is currently shared with the researchers in order for them to do calibration work. We have not shared it with anyone else yet, and due to privacy concerns we would be very nervous about sharing it publicly. Removing it does remove some utility of the dataset though, so we're going to try to find another way.

I'll make sure to be more clear about the privacy settings as we move forward. :)

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