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Offer HN: Free Domains
64 points by noinput on Feb 1, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 44 comments
Here are a few domains that may help you with your freelance/biz/venture/etc, I'm in a housecleaning mode.

* procollective.com - TAKEN

* weareforhire.com - TAKEN

* wereforhire.com - TAKEN

* sitecheckout.com - TAKEN

* pixelpunisher.com - TAKEN

* twitorite.com (say it out loud) - TAKEN

* twittorite.com - TAKEN

* vectordamage.com - TAKEN

* whofollows.me - TAKEN

* whohears.me - TAKEN

* whosees.me - TAKEN

First come first serve, send me your namecheap username and the one you want. Please disable the code req. for now.. Manage profile -> Push settings. Happy Friday!

Idea: Domain name exchange... trade your unused domains for other ones that might be of more value to you. Like baseball cards... but for domain names

Somebody go develop it now.

What do you think about My MVP : http://domainexchanger.net/ By the way, Thank You :)

Hey that was quick! Good job.

It seems like there is at least some sort of interest so keep hacking away.

Couple of suggestions for future improvements:

- Put the recently listed domains right on the main page (maybe below the blue instruction box)

- Instead of allowing users to contact the domain name owners via e-mail, make them flag the domains they are interested in and expressing that interest to the domain owner through the site itself. The owner then gets a notice about a user who wants to trade, and is given the ability to see which domains the other party has for trade. Then they can go through the same process of flagging a domain they might be interested in trading, or cancelling the trade if they don't see anything of interest to them. That could be the start of a basic bartering engine.

Great start though!

Thank You for the great suggestion. I'm working on it :)

truth be told thats the exact reason I held on to most of these, but with the birth of my second daughter and moving to the bay area for me it was a case of priorities.

I envisioned a mobile app with some kind of a simple barter system. I'd love to be part of a project working on it and can share some ideas I had sketched out.

This. This is a brilliant idea.

How could someone monetize this?

Haven't given it much thought but here are a couple of ideas:

1) Users pay to list their domains.

  Pro: Guaranteed revenue from every user
  Con: Low motivation for user to pay up as there's no guarantee for reward

2) List up to 20 domains for free anything over that falls into a tiered annual payment plan

  Pro: same as 1 but better because of larger free user base who might be more likely to convert to a paying user
  Con: Could a user just keep rotating hundreds of domains through their free account? (imposing a limit on how many times a user can list and de-list domains would prevent this)

3) Users pay a flat fee only when a successful trade is made

  Pro: more motivation for users to pay up as the reward is imminent. Also both users can split the fee making it more affordable for each of them
  Con: Revenue is conditional on successful trades. Could the users use the service to simply list their domains then use outside channels to complete the actual trade/transaction?

4) User pays a fee when they want to take a domain they received through trading off of the trading block. This would require the site to actually assume ownership of all domains being traded then hold them hostage for a small fee when a trader wants to take possession of them (or else they are still up for trade/in limbo)

5) Maybe the site handles trades as well as cash purchases. Trades are free.. purchases incur a 2% fee.

6) Ads for other internet services. Perhaps the domains could be contextually paired with the ads so that if a user is searching for mma-website.com he/she sees ads for mma training equipment and facilities.

7) Make the users redirect the domain to you and put a nice notice on it stating that the name is available for trade / swap / a worthy purpose and place some AdWords on it.

You can actually sell it as a value-add and, from what I understand from professional domain squatters / traders, there's a surprisingly decent amount of money in it. The amount of link juice you could give the main domain probably also isn't insignificant...

There are plenty of other services you can easily sell/advertise to an audience of people who are swapping domain names.

5$ a pop?


Just an idea: How about you make it one step more interesting, if the purchaser executes certain milestones within a certain time period, the price will be free and instead equity only? (Otherwise they would need to return the domain back to you)

Ideally the milestones would not be development oriented (given that you seem to be a designer).

OP here: didn't expect the landrush but glad to see it!

comparing some email timestamps with post times here.. will respond to each message shortly.

Love it. If anyone would like roughchart.com or tensecondreview.com hit me up. Address in profile (or reply here), first come first served.

Note: domains are on Dyn so you'll have to cover the transfer fee but that's it.

If it's still available, I'll grab whosees.me! Username garethm.

Thanks a lot for sharing :)

you got this one, but I need you to disable the auth code or send it to me (email is in my profile).

Admire your giving attitude! Maybe I should clean some stuff too...

you're more than welcome to use the thread to do the same

sitecheckout.com seems like a solid domain that you could get some money for!

i think i registered it in ~2002 when i needed a staging site to show clients their projects. back then it was classic ASP shopping carts and PHP3(?) time flies.

We'd love wereforhire.com! The username is mtrimpe ...

Thanks; you're good person! ;)

someone beat you to this one.. and I appreciate the nice note

I'll take twitorite or twittorite! Thanks for doing this.

Username: frankjwu

you won twitorite.com one. enjoy!

I would love whosees.me! brandonb927 is my username

someone beat you to this one.

I'd love to have whohears.me

namecheap: joeyrobert

Could be a good audio mashup site.

you won this one! enjoy

I'd love twittorite.com please? > SteveEdson

you got this one! Name cheap tells me you dont have a proper address in your profile, so I transfered it with mine but you'll want to update it to yours. Don't stalk me ;)

I'll take whohears.me namecheap name - oboyledk

I'd love to have weareforhire.com

namecheap: wattxo

You Deserve tons of Karma :)

someone beat you to this one. and thanks! I'm trying to buy a home in the bay area, I can use all I can get.

Impressive collection!

You are a noble soul.

I'm too late :(

procollective.com > alessioalex user

you won this one but the auth code is blocking. either send me the code or disable it and email me when done (in profile).

Hey, I'm not exactly sure what auth code are you talking here, I've sent you an email, can you please explain that part a bit. Thanks ;)

procollective.com ryross :) Thank you!

I want procollective namecheap user is bheeelaat

Oh gosh, too late.

Hope you don't mind if I list my domains for sale here:



begrizzly.com -I've got psd mockups and logos for this one

suggst.it -I've got a logo with this one as well

macappsdaily.com -might have some backlinks- used to be a blog

send me an email- alexgrn7 @ gmail dot com if you're interested with your best offer. Thanks.

Actually this thread wasn't about selling. The reason I gave mine away here was because this community is all about doing things and shipping, not necessarily monetizing.

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