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Egghead.io - short screencasts about AngularJS (egghead.io)
269 points by consta on Feb 1, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 51 comments

John's an awesome guy. He has a great ability to consume technologies and present them in a clear and concise way.

These videos are professional and helped me quickly get up to speed with Angular (the greatest web framework yet).

John's videos are also featured on the Angular website.

PS - John also has the great pleasure of being a developer evangelist for Webstorm (the greatest web IDE) at Jetbrains.

PPS - You should follow him.

This has to be one of the best ads for WebStorm. I hadn't heard of it before I saw these screencasts, but as someone who uses VIM for all my non-.NET development, I was really impressed with what the tool can do to enhance productivity. Similar to what ReSharper does. JetBrains seems to do good work all over.

It's no surprise he's an evangelist for WebStorm. He's doing a great job showing off its strengths.

Oh, and AngularJS looks really interesting.

So true! I bought a license for WebStorm on that end-of-the-world sale they had a while ago and never cared to actually install it. Definitely going to check it out now.

I tried to sign up for the end of the world sale, but their servers were down and they won't honor the discount now. I don't blame 'em... but would love it if they threw me a bone for something like PHPStorm.

Don't they offer free licences to people who contribute to open source projects? The did for ReSharper and (something else I've forgotten.)

They do, it's a really painless process. I submitted an application during the end of the world sale and within a day or two I had a licence. I then felt bad at getting it for free during the epic sale, so I also bought an intellij license out of my own pocket to even things up :)

I can scarcely believe that I too did exactly this.

Although I guess Textmate has benefitted from this kind of thing over the years.

Maybe get an affiliate link to help support the site?

What a strange comment. Why is Angular the greatest framework yet? Why is Webstorm the greatest web IDE?

I'm against worshiping tools...

What's so strange? Angular is the best thing that has ever happened to mankind.

No worshipping. Just (parenthetically) expressing an opinion.

It's fine to express an opinion, but for the sake of others, could you state why you believe they are so great? And if you really want to help, please state other frameworks, IDE's or text editors you have used.

At the same time, couldn't you do your own research and come to your own conclusion like he has?

I don't really contribute a whole lot to Hacker News, but generally on here (unlike reddit) people are expected to back up their opinion. Not make sweeping statements and expect the other person to research if the person was right or wrong.

NO, he must be spoon fed!

Thanks everyone!

I never expected Egghead to get so popular before I even launched a single course... I don't even have the logo done yet!

Anyway, keep checking back and/or follow the twitter account @eggheadio for updates (until I get a proper news feed built-in). I've got plenty more videos in the pipeline!

Totally awesome. Thanks for providing such an amazing resource to the community.

I just posted these less than a week ago on the Angular mailing list, and I think I might have blown any potential cover you had John... or at least any time to get a logo done =) Sorry! https://groups.google.com/d/topic/angular/pvV6JOTHXiA/discus...

That said, beginners should watch the first 10 videos or so. Once you're comfortable with the idea behind directives, start watching the isolate scope videos. Those are golden. I've spent a TON of time staring at the angular directive docs trying to grok the different transclusion and the different scope declarations, with no luck. These videos are what actually taught me how this stuff works. They were so desperately needed.

Thank you John!

You're welcome. I made them just for you :)

These are really nice. I had wanted to get into angular and after watching a few of these I've already had many 'aha!' moments. Thanks for the hard work.

John I just want to say thank you. Unfortunately text cannot quite convey how grateful I am for you making these videos but if I could tell you in person you would know.

I developed a web app in Angular.js and find it a great framework to work with, but unfortunately there wasn't any great way to learn it when I was starting out. The documentation makes sense once you know Angular but it isn't good for someone just starting out with the framework. I actually remember watching your videos on youtube about writing directives last summer and thought they were one of the most concise yet unassuming "tutorial" videos in the tech world I have ever seen.

Thank you!

Can anyone share how does it compare to knockout.js? Coming from a .net winforms background, the knockout.js seems more 'home' for me (similar to the databinding in winforms), whereas there is a lot of 'new' concepts in Angular.js and I'm kind of lost in their tutorial...

It weights more than KO but also does a lot more. The 2 way databinding is easier than KO (don't need observable/computed, just simple JS objects). Since I've tried Angular I've not used KO on any new project.

This is great. One of the trickiest parts of learning AngularJS is figuring out how directives work, and how to write your own effective directives. The Angular team posted a couple of vids the other day that helped me a lot http://blog.angularjs.org/2012/11/about-those-directives.htm...

I'd love to see more videos focusing on directives -- as I think the rest of it is fairly straight-forward. It looks like there are a number of vids here that address directives, so I'm looking forward to watching them.

I'm at that point right now with Angular. The whole thing still feels like black magic to me. I can't get out of the jquery mindset.

I've been watching those videos lately because as a non developer, I find it difficult to wrap my head around Backbone. I tried the tut+ Premium tutorial, CodeSchool & CodePeep videos without luck.

So I though maybe it's the framework that's not for me and looked into AngularJS and stumble upon those videos and boy those it make AngularJS SO MUCH EASY to understand. Or maybe it's just that angular is easier for me the understand than Backbone.

Anyway, Awesome videos and very easy to follow. Also that Webstorm IDE look nice :)

I wouldn't recommend webapps as step one for a new developer. Remove all these frameworks and toolkits and just get comfortable with JavaScript first. Do problems like these: http://projecteuler.net/problems

The problem with Backbone in my opinion is that it's just too freeform. It's great for developers who like ultimate flexibility and have a good idea how they want to structure thing, but it's terrible for developers who get paralyzed by choice (like myself).


I am trying to convince a client to use angular instead of backbone.

They are however thrown off by the fact that there aren't many startups using it in production. And I can't figure a satisfactory answer to that. Any explanations why is that?

Tell them Google (TM) is using it. That should still carry some weight.

To add some weight to parent comments, there are lots of comments from Googlers using AngularJS here http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=4113530. I recently switched from Backbone to Angular and have no plans on going back. [edit: I'm not a Googler, I just use Angular]

Backbone is more popular, almost double-ly so (6k stars vs 12k stars for backbone on github). What's interesting is angular's is newer, and appears to be accelerating in growth. Backbone doesn't come with baked in features like data-binding, which is hugely awesome. Angular is backed by Google who makes Chrome, the two teams communicate. Given these two benefits I think angular will be the long term winner.

Yeah, but that doesn't explain why even after 2 years - which is almost the same as backbone, it has had such a low adaption.

PS: wary of sounding negative - I am just trying to get someone help me convince them next week.

It's just very different than what most GUI tools feel like. In some ways, it's more like a game engine loop than a UI toolkit's message pump. The lack of familiarity slows adoption, despite being, IMHO, vastly superior technology.

See my thoughts on why Angular's approach is attractive here: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=5063986

Excellent analogy. I've been using AngularJS for about six months, and I honestly never thought of it that way.

It's just lack of communication IMO. I'm quite interested in JS frameworks and only learned about angular a few months ago.

This framework doesn't get (yet) the attention it deserves but from what I've seen this last months it's improving.

Maybe you can find here one or another point for angular: http://www.nebithi.com/2012/12/27/backbone-and-angular-demys...

Udacity uses this. It's one of the awesome startups these days.

That guy knows how to explain stuff. I also like that those videos are short and he tries to keep it simple and focused on one thing.

I've tried to watch some videos made by Miško Hevery and others and they may be also great... but some of those videos are more than hour long and for me that is just a bit too much to swallow. Seems like there are so many unnecessary details that it makes it difficult to get and remember the important stuff.

John Lindquist seems to know how to gradually build up to more and more detailed knowledge... and I love it.

I'm really loving this 2-4 minute video format. Small pieces like this are much easier to consume and remember.

lol, I posted this a week ago on HN and it didn't seem to get any traction. Strange the submission didn't combine on submit seeing how they have the same url. http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=5115302

I've been wokring with Angular for several months. John showed me in 3 minutes what "transclusion" is, something the documentation has failed to do even after numerous readings. The format, examples and explanations in these tutorial are perfect - keep'em coming

This is awesome. I've watched some of John's AngularJS videos before, and they've been the best resources on the subject that I've seen.

His earlier stuff on ActionScript 3 and design patterns was superb, too.

I wish others used Egghead.io as an example how to do video tutorials. Finally high-res videos where you can read the code with no trouble.

Donated. These videos are top notch. Looking forward to many more.

Well done. One nit. The IDE interaction is annoying.

Very cool resource. Thanks for sharing.

Very nice. I love the fact he is using AngularJS with Zurb Foundation instead of Bootstrap.

That's my current stack as well. Though some of the recent changes in the next version of Bootstrap might tempt me back.

Can you please elaborate, what's special about the next version?

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