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Ask HN: What todo app do you use?
9 points by combataircraft on Feb 1, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 16 comments
I need a simple, clean and good looking TODO app for IPhone, IPad and web.

What is your preference?

You should give https://workflowy.com/ a try. Probably the best thing the internet threw at me last year. While it's great for todo you can do lots of stuff with this website.

I use Things. It's expensive, but I like it. (http://culturedcode.com/things/)

Fantastical integration with Reminders for the longer term stuff. It's lovely to have your todo and calendaring information in one simple app. The natural language processing rocks. Like a little assistant. They have an iPhone app in addition to OS X.

For the day to day stuff, good old memory or per-project notebooks.

I use Trello: https://trello.com

Trello user here. Its great.

I'm still looking for one where I can share with specific people (who can then update), and sublists. Closest thing I can find is Workflowy, possibly Cotton, but neither say what each person did, or even what's new.

I'm happy with Remember The Milk (and pay the US$25/year to get it to sync properly with my iphone; my girlfriend is happy using the web version on her ipad), but I haven't tried anything else to compare it to.

http://www.realmacsoftware.com/clear/ I'm using this on wp and it's great.

Remember the Milk for me. The right balance of simplicity & features. Plus a Chrome extension.

https://catch.com/ is really nicely done.

I use Symphonical: www.symphonical.com

It's only for web atm, but mobile should be around the corner..

I use Any.do http://www.any.do/

todo.txt (http://todotxt.com/). It works from the command line, has mobile apps, syncs nicely with ssh / dropbox, and saves into a simple to read / port text file.

Wunderlist is great.

after trying a few, I gotta stick with wunderlist

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