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what a load of balls...

the average man should be light and active enough to do a few chin ups with ease and run for a while

i have deadlifted over 350. it did nothing for my chronic neck pain and in fact only made it worse by over developing my traps.

neckbeard lifting gurus are so full of shit

You responded to:

  | This worked for me, I'm going to tell you
  | because it might help you too.

  | what a load of balls...

  | neckbeard lifting gurus are so full of shit
Way to keep it classy.

This is really a case of 'your mileage may vary'. Some people's problems will be fixed by a bit of exercise, some won't. This is true whether or not you can pull 350 or 530, and/or do chins. As an old man by gym standards, I have both been broken and fixed by lifting weights, in different places.

The most treacherous thing about this is that lifting weights (with a good warmup) often makes pain go away in a temporary fashion (while you're doing it), only to return big-time when your joints aren't all nicely lubed up.

Aside from the troll content here, you do have to be careful if you have e.g. spinal issues. Nerve damage can make even light exercise excruciating. I had to build back up carefully, never hyperextending, always keeping good posture, using light or (usually) no weight, focusing on weakened muscle groups, and never going to exhaustion, all of which is rather boring but was completely necessary. I do find that regular exercise helps with my neck and back pain, but it is certainly not a cure-all, and I worked out regularly before the pain started and definitely cannot do that type of workout any more. I've put back on about 15 pounds of muscle mass, but it's taken over a year of diligent work. On the plus side, my muscle tone is much better than it ever was from previous workout routines.

Hi, do you mind crawling back under this rock I'm holding up for you? It's at least 350lbs so is getting kind of heavy.

Do you even lift?

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