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The only reason I linked to my blog because it is directly relevant (discussion is about Font Awesome, and I've done a lot of development with it).

If there was a way to show off Font Awesome without providing a link to a case where I actually used it, I would. (screenshots won't be as effective since I incorporate on:hover effects.)

Of course it wasn't the reason nor was it the only one. Please. We are all adults here, we all want to piggy-back on HN traffic, but - c'mon, your blog is not a notable example of the use of Font Awesome "in production".

I think that "Hey, I did something relevant to this discussion!" is a valid reason to link to something of yours. People do it with coding projects all the time.

Sure, but in this particular case it's a triviality.

I want the 30" of my life lost for reading your comment back.

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