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The real reason falls are so fatal for the elderly is because the victims become immobalized, causing them to become less active. After a fall, many elderly people are bed-ridden which causes a whole host of greater health problems which are the actual killers.

But then good health and daily activity are the best ways of preventing falls, (along with balance training and physiotherapy, especially after a surgery or stroke) so yes it is a cycle as you say.

I don't agree with it being primarily a cultural thing though. Daily exercise is an individual choice. There's a guy in my new building who I see all the time, he just walks to the end of the hall and back many times each day. Each lap probably takes him 10 minutes. But he chooses to stay active, even in very old age.

Daily exercise is an individual choice, but humans are social beings. An implicit societal framework for being physically active helps at the margins... and the margins are pretty large.

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