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Kickstarter Stats (kickstarter.com)
19 points by lispython on Jan 31, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

They forgot a very important stat. Projects late: 100%

I backed 12 projects so far and every single one of them is late, some by as much as a year when the initial timeline was less than 6 months. I also haven't received a single thing of what I backed yet.

I like the whole Kickstarter idea but these delays and false promises will definitely make me think twice next time I want to back something. I wish people were held accountable more.

That's really surprising. I've backed 7 projects. Of the 5 that were funded, I think all of them were on time. One was for a friend's band to record an album. That might have been a little late, but definitely not glaringly late. Although I have tended to fund things my friends were working on and I had solid knowledge about rather than the grandiose popular projects. I know one issue they've had is when projects are insanely successful the project team often doesn't know where to start/has trouble delivering on lofty promises. I also know they are taking steps to prevent those issues and asking their project teams to be realistic about what they can be accomplish and cap available rewards when projects get really popular.

Either you got really lucky or I got really unlucky. Haven't seen a single reward yet.

Even personalized thank you notes that were promised never made it. There's no excuse for that really...

May be it is because of the type of projects?

It is probably easier for music, books etc to be delivered on time, compared to making physical products - products depend a lot on external factors (overseas manufacturers etc)

My favorite part of the article was the little green scissors at the bottom

Why don't they ever post stats on how many of these projects are ever completed?

I think the biggest issue is that number is harder to track. It's pretty simple to automate these kind of numbers and the number you're talking about requires self reporting by the project team and at least one, if not more Kickstarter employees to wrangle the data/facilitate the reporting. Though at this point they probably have enough staff to handle that.

It would be nice if that was better micromanaged, or at least metricized somehow.

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