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Have you tried not smoking AND not drinking? ;-)

Same boat, I smoked a lot of herb growing up (never drawn to drink particularly), but stopped in my 20s for about 6 years.

No longer clear, smoke every couple of weeks, and trip a couple times a year, 1/4 of shrooms and off into the woods, goodbye world.

foolish pride in you I am broken praise

The love in and beyond all things, is there anyone more blind than myself?

Sorry, got a bit off track there...back to "reality"

It's funny, I am not the OP but I read this:

> Have you tried not smoking AND not drinking? ;-)

And i noticed that my home remedies for asthma and respiratory stuff all involve either smoking (legal, non-tobacco) herbal remedies (Verbasculum thapsis) or binge drinking ;-). Fortunately it's only required a couple times a year at most. In both cases, I find the duration and severity of respiratory problems goes way down..... (In comparison to modern pharmaceuticals.)

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