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I think I can explain the Electrical Engineering thing.

A few years ago the ACS geared up to join some sort of peak body for professions. They took the view that they should represent all software professionals of any kind.

Then Engineers Australia put in a competing claim for jurisdiction over software engineers. The scoundrels.

I remember this because I was a student member at the time (hey, free BBQs) and they sent a sob story email to all their members about it.

Basically everybody is pissing on everybody's curtains.

Technically you can get your profession recognized by Engineers Australia even if you are a software engineer. You will not get the most relevant code for your profession though, and most probably will not be able to get a visa in the end. However it worked for me back in 2010.

Completely irrelevant, but I must say I like the phrase "everybody is pissing on everyone's curtains".

Even more irrelevantly, I'm rather impressed at how quickly Google has indexed this. When searching for that, rather splendid, phrase this page ranks top.

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