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physical keyboards are not over!

the growth of the blackberry was driven by communicating when you are out of the office, whereas the iphone is really a portable computer with cellular antenna.

the original blackberries were a 2-3 line screen with a keyboard, and the screen grew in size from there. that's what most of corporate america first got hooked on, at least in my memory (a young geezer).

from what i see, folks that chose the iphone either never cared about writing an email remotely, or forego that capability (or compromise) in exchange for the apps, games etc.

iphones in the workplace are comical.

folks who have iphones tend to write back "ok" or "talk tmrw" etc in response when they are out of office. they can't use the keyboard, and it's hard to pretend - takes a lot of effort. or, if they try to write more, it is endless typos or bizarre auto-correct comments.

i write this as a blackberry bold user, so understand my biases, but for actual email communication, nothing comes close. (and i tried iphone/android for a while to see if i could do it - can't).

so, i'm looking forward to the q10, at least one idiot still functional in the blackberry ecosystem. maybe a 12-step program will help.

everyone I know who owns a smartphone with a virtual keyboard is very proficient at typing on it, myself included. Older folks may have a hard time with it, but the younger crowd adapted very nicely to it. I'd rather have the extra screen real-estate.

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