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A lot of the descriptions of Ayahuasca are similar to mushrooms (everything depends on dosage of course!) Truly life-augmenting experiences.

As a 10 year pot smoker I stopped rather randomly about 4 months ago. I didn't do it for any reason besides respiratory health, and probably wouldn't have changed if I had a good vaporizer. It's fine not smoking but I drink more and find my mind moving away from the broad thinking pot encouraged. I'll probably find a way to balance it in in some way again in the future.

The likes of psychedelics, however, are framing or pivotal events in my life, generally done in the wilderness. My feelings are similar to Steve Jobs... they are incredibly powerful experiences and I yearn to share them with those I'm close with. I imagine I'll be having these experiences throughout my life.

> The likes of psychedelics, however, are framing or pivotal events in my life

Likewise. I have only used them twice for that reason. I will also say the two times I have had terrifying hallucinations, they were induced by intensive meditation, not by drugs. The thing is, I think that you get out of these things what you put into them. The time I tried mushrooms, I could move in and out of reality as I chose. I attributed this to preparation because many of the others who tries mushrooms with me could not do this.

The time I tried LSD was different. I could not move back to reality, but I spent most of the time in meditation. Finally later I gave up on meditating only to have a series of life-altering epiphanies and hallucinations immediately following.

These experiences can happen without drugs to be sure, but there is something about taking oneself out of the normal world that seems to facilitate them.

Have you tried not smoking AND not drinking? ;-)

Same boat, I smoked a lot of herb growing up (never drawn to drink particularly), but stopped in my 20s for about 6 years.

No longer clear, smoke every couple of weeks, and trip a couple times a year, 1/4 of shrooms and off into the woods, goodbye world.

foolish pride in you I am broken praise

The love in and beyond all things, is there anyone more blind than myself?

Sorry, got a bit off track there...back to "reality"

It's funny, I am not the OP but I read this:

> Have you tried not smoking AND not drinking? ;-)

And i noticed that my home remedies for asthma and respiratory stuff all involve either smoking (legal, non-tobacco) herbal remedies (Verbasculum thapsis) or binge drinking ;-). Fortunately it's only required a couple times a year at most. In both cases, I find the duration and severity of respiratory problems goes way down..... (In comparison to modern pharmaceuticals.)

Similar to mushrooms? Maybe the perception change, but as for...

"a mixture of foot-rot, raw sewage, battery acid, sulfur and just a hint of chocolate. Within about 45 minutes of drinking it you frequently begin to suffer bouts of severe nausea, vomiting and diarrhea."

This is NOT anything like mushrooms unless you've taken the wrong kind.

I've consumed heavy doses of ayahuasca on three occasions, and never experienced diarrhea. Nor have my friends or any of the innumerable people who have posted experiences online.

You will vomit, however.

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