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> "And the "true multitasking" sort of works (pretty much as well as Anroid) only because they bolted 2GB of RAM onto the thing."

Well, yeah. So what?

As an iOS user I'm salivating at the thought of actually being able to IM people properly. Right now invariably it goes something like this:

[push notification: you have a new message!]

[tap on notification]

[IM app launches]

[go get a coffee]

[IM app launched! Retrieving your new messages...]

[go get a sandwich]

[here's that message!]

Real multitasking is a huge win, even a diehard iOS user like myself will admit. I don't care if they had to summon Cthulhu to make it work - but as long as it does, it's a great selling point.

Then that's a strange quirk of iOS- Android handles it just fine. The point is that they aren't the only OS with "true multitasking" out there.

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