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Blackberry supporters keep claiming that there are innovations here. I'll echo what another poster asked: what innovations? It doesn't help their cause when articles like this one claim:

Some of BlackBerry 10’s ideas are truly ingenious. A subtle light blinks above the screen to indicate that something — a text, an e-mail message, voice mail, a Facebook post — is waiting for you

Yep. Just like my 3 year old Nexus One.

Except this has actually been a blackberry feature for years. I'm not sure why this is being advertised as a BB10 feature. I had this 6 years ago on my blackberry phone.

I'll repost the working list that I posted above: True Multitasking, Blackberry Balance, Timeshift Camera, Physical Keyboard, Hub, Browser built in HTML5, Mobile Screen Sharing...

This article doesn't do the best job of highlighting (or even mentioning) some of these innovations. I get the feeling the author just likes the blinking light (even if it's already been done).

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