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I guess my Note II is not the only one who has this features: " A subtle light blinks above the screen to indicate that something — a text, an e-mail message, voice mail, a Facebook post — is waiting for you. Without even pressing a physical button, you swipe up the screen; the Lock screen lifts like a drape as you slide your thumb, revealing what’s underneath." (I guess at least all high end Samsung phones has them.)

Also, Apple keep getting a whole lot for free: "...you give up some very attractive ecosystems, like the way Apple synchronizes your calendar, messages, and photos on all your gadgets. Or, for Android, the similar conveniences of Google Voice and Google Maps. "

My Android phones have been syncing photos and calendars for years. I can't remember exactly but I am fairly certain they did it before iCloud as well.

The nexus 4 has the light and no-unlock summary as well. The light even changes colors depending on the app which generated the notification (e.g. facebook messages have a blue light).

As does my galaxy nexus. Love the color coded notification light.

I still wish it was as prominent as the Nexus One's light was, though. It's never been bettered.

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