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I came to read the HN commenta first and things were starting to sound pretty positive. Imagine my abject disappointment when I clicked through to the story and saw a gigantic touch screen.

They have 2 models. Read further...

Aha! Cool thanks. The Q10. Geez looking at that thing makes me wonder why the hell Motorola aren't investing in improving the Pro+ and the Master. That Q10 looks like a piece of shit.

I LOVE the Pro+ but they're faulty as hell (random reboots, screen freezes etc.) in fact a lot of Motorola's have this problem (judging from various forums). It's basically the only phone in the world I can use - incredible form factor and the only usable candy bar qwerty android phone - so frustrating that they're almost impossible to get and then those you do get, are faulty.


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