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"While cursing in your git commit messages probably doesn't correlate to actual anger at your company,"

So first sentence goes against the title, then again, the title is more catchy and broader than "how to find swears in git commit messages".

"I thought about checking on GitHub for which projects contain the "angriest" developers."

I don't know if it just me, but I wouldn't say that the person with the most swears in the commit messages are the angriest, but the least professional.

I would say the best way to tell how angry a developer is would be to look at the code they are writing.

Is it hurried, written in poor style or maybe even sadistic :/

Sometimes the comments yield clues to that. Best one I ever saw:

# !!!XXX WTF

Funny example:


No, the best way to tell how angry a developer is would be to ask them. To think that one could get any insight into emotional feelings from code is preposterous (with the exception of emotionally charged variable names or ASCII art).

There is no difference at all in the style of my code whether I'm angry or not. I just happen to make more typos which makes me even more angrier.

However, if poor style were the best emotional indicator, I think the angriest developers are all coming from oDesk.

Hey that thread is where the "There is nothing as permanent as temporary code" quote came from.

I've got some cursing in my git commits. Most of the anger typically stems now from the company, but from external sources (e.g., buggy software that we rely on, but for business reasons cannot ditch.)

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