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The analysis that 750 words does is very unique and interesting. You don't have to connect it with Facebook or your real name. You may create an anonymous account. Personal computer are very prone to failure. You will have to save your information somewhere on the cloud. They all shady. It is a compromise that you have to make based on your best judgement.

Look, I wouldn't enter personal data anywhere on the internet. If I write 750 words a day, I write about personal things that could be clearly related to me (by name or by my company name). I can't take that risk. Not because the guy behind 750words is not trustable. I don't know him. But because I have no idea whether or not his webserver is secure enough, whether or not he stores his FTP password somewhere in plaintext on his mobile or his laptop.

It doesn't have to be him who is the weakest link in that security chain.

What I don't get from your posting is the second part. Personal computers aren't prone to failure at all. I never had a single HDD crash. I backup my data on a second HDD just in case. It's incredibly unlikely that my data is going to be lost and that the cloud is the only solution for that.

So, there's clearly no compromise for me. Rule is: No cloud, no internet service for private data. And heck, I don't even use any analytics software or other software on my company website that I cannot self-host.

I see your problem and I agree with you. I think it's a complex issue. I am afraid of not backing up. My hard drive or local server might fail and I would like to keep a copy local and a copy offsite. All offsite vendors are somewhat shady. At the end of the day, if you use computers connected to Internet, you make yourself vulnerable of serious attacks. It is far from providing your data yourself but point is security in a relative term. So, it comes down to how sensitive is your data and how much you valve it.

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