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> Sometimes I just need to type garbage. Just to clear out my mind. Using editors to type such gibberish annoys me because it clutters my project workspace (I'm picky, I know).

This is a hack and a workaround. The bug is clearly using an editor restricted to editting files in a "Project Workspace". Yikes.

Everyone has their own workflow, and they're all insane (for myself, I have an emacsclient wrapper that when called without a file will create a unique name under ~/.emacsclient-scratch and edit that -- so I never lose anything I know I was typing at one point). Still... this just seems like a really bad solution. You get an "editor everywhere" but it's the default editor in your browser. Ick. It's cute though.

That's a really good idea, thanks. I have `e` aliased to `emacsclient -nt` but there's no reason why it couldn't make scratch files if not given an argument.

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