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Forgive me for the shameless plug...but thought this might be useful for other HNers and related to OP.

I put together a little project that uses the browsers localstorage so you can jot notes down and come back to them, I find it useful as I'm always in the browser, hope you do too: http://a5.gg

I occasionally use a similar online tool, complementary to yours: http://notepad.cc. It stores each note online at its own URL, instead of per-computer at just the root URL. That lets you retrieve and edit notes across multiple computers. I mainly use notepad.cc if I’m using a someone else’s computer or a public computer and want to send some links or a note to myself.

FYI local storage is not reliable, so you may want to think about a fallback, or at least putting a disclaimer explaining that what you write will probably but nitndefinitely still be there when you come back.

Good call. I intend it's use to be temporary for that reason e.g. quickly scribble down a phone number/website/name etc to refer to asap.

Makes sense, and I like the simplicity of the design quite a bit. Maybe one way to augment it would be to add a button that throws the content into a gist/pastebin.something similar, so it could be more easily shared or preserved? Of course, it's a fine line between that and having social media buttons all over.

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