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Very clever!

I set this as the default URL for new tabs.. Now, everytime I open a new tab, I have a quick scratchpad for pasting/testing/etc.

I know it's not the point of the post, but you can also use http://throwww.com

That's a great idea, did you do it for Chrome? Seems like with Chrome it's non-trivial to set the page for new tabs...

You can set it as the homepage (enableable in Settings). It adds an extra step after opening a new page (either clicking on the home icon or shift-cmd-h) but I prefer that to replacing the default Chrome page (with its Most visited and Recently closed menus).

I'm back to Firefox. I like Chrome, but I get bored of using the same browser for too long ;)

In FF, you can do it with about:config

Just set "browser.newtab.url" to the page mentioned in the original link.

You could use this Chrome extension: https://github.com/jwaterfaucett/textpad

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