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For even more fun, turn your notepad into an interactive JavaScript environment:

  data:text/html, <html contenteditable onkeyup="eval(this.innerText)">
Then you can upgrade it by pasting in something like this:

  this.onkeyup = function () {
    this.style.backgroundColor = 'white';
    try {
    } catch (e) {
     this.style.backgroundColor = '#FFAAAA';

Typing `alert("hi")` was a bad choice.

It took me a few goes to figure out I could just click OK.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

That's exactly what I did.

This is clearly awesome. First thing I did? Got into infinite loop. This is not exactly a good interactive console for JavaScript, but still very fun.

I think I like it because of how weirdly constrained it is. Especially when you're writing something that will overwrite the handler itself, it's easy to get yourself stuck in a loop or a strange dead end.

This is a much easier way to customize its appearance:

    data:text/html, <html><style> body { font-family: sans-serif }</style><body contenteditable>

I forked minikomi's gist above that does something like this, except you use ctrl+j to execute what's in the buffer:


Is there an equivalent to `this.onkeyup` for touch devices that don't generate onkeyup events? Trying to make this work on an iPad, but I only have surface knowledge of JS.

Maybe this helps you, there is a W3 document about touch events: http://www.w3.org/TR/touch-events/

A list of TouchEvent types is here: http://www.w3.org/TR/touch-events/#list-of-touchevent-types

Here is a document from Apple about touch events:


And a list of events supported by the Safari browser: http://developer.apple.com/library/safari/#documentation/app...

I don't have an iPad, but I would love to know, if you could successfully use one of these events in this context.

Edit: For example, orientationchange looks promising. Type something, then change orientation.

Hmm... I only have an iPad simulator with me, but it works just pasting in what I wrote above. Maybe something in your data URI is getting munged?

Keyup is used here rather than keypress (which fires only once for each down-up event) since backspace won't fire keypress events, which is a nice thing to have in a live environment. But I can't think of any environment which would implement keypress and not keyup, or how one might work around not having key events at all.

I did, however, discover that if you alert in mobile Safari (in simulation and on my iPhone) on a backspace keydown, the keyup never gets through and it will happily erase everything before the cursor.

You're right, it works fine with onkeyup. I tried pasting the URL directly instead of opening from "other devices" and it worked. Thanks.

It's pretty brutal and stupid, but:


For me Firefox seems not to work with this.innerText . Instead you can use this.textContent to get it to work.

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