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Yeah this is nifty. For the lazy:

Name: note

Keyword: note

URL: data:text/html, <textarea style="font-size: 1em; width: 100%; height: 100%; border: none; outline: none" autofocus /> %s

Of course, you could change the style of the URL. That's just what I defaulted to.

hi, here is my final version i use

  name: note
  keyword: n

  URL: data:text/html, <html><head><script>function placeCaretAtEnd(el) { el.focus(); if (typeof window.getSelection != "undefined" && typeof document.createRange != "undefined") { var range = document.createRange(); range.selectNodeContents(el); range.collapse(false); var sel = window.getSelection(); sel.removeAllRanges(); sel.addRange(range); } else if (typeof document.body.createTextRange != "undefined") { var textRange = document.body.createTextRange(); textRange.moveToElementText(el); textRange.collapse(false); textRange.select(); } }</script><style> html{background-color:#CCCCCC;font-family: Monaco, Consolas, "Lucida Console", monospace;font-size:14px;color:#424242;line-height:1.4;max-width:60rem;margin:0 auto;}body{background-color:#F0F1F1;padding:100px;}</style></head><body contenteditable autofocus onload="placeCaretAtEnd(window.document.body);">we%20did%20this&nbsp;</body></html>
it uses the "paper" look and feed and sets the focus to the end of the document so that you can just continue writing

for the really lazy, keyword: '..' ('//' doesn't work :)

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