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Both you and greghinch seem to have a very negative association with that word. Maybe having grown up in the church, I don't see that word from the same angle as the two of you.

Well removing the emotion it's just a very inaccurate way to describe what appears to be happening.

I believe you misread- he's saying she's writing to the church to ask someone to join her. The audience is clear- the post is on the church website for church members to read. He's not trying to say that she's doing the much harder task of recruiting someone to the church and also to live with her.

> trying to recruit church followers to live in the mountains with her

'Recruit' implies asking people to adopt her religion, as opposed to asking existing believers for assistance.

Recruiting implies asking people to join an army. If we're talking about religion, "converting" is the more common verb.

She's recruiting (enlisting) a willing church member to a difficult task.

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