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Whoever is interested, here are two very good academic articles about persistent hunting (subscription required):



Also, here is a video of a modern persistent hunter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=826HMLoiE_o

It also reminded me of this, an old episode of This American Life: http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/80/ru...

I also recommend the book he wrote by the same title, featuring some of the same essays/articles featured in the broadcast and a good deal more. If you're in the US it should be no bother to find, but if you're abroad it'll take a bit of searching (or ordering from the US)

Nice. I remember that myself.

How do they bring the prey home after hunting it 30km?

Endurance hunting is rarely a straight line race. Here is an example of a route for one of those hunts (it's from my first link): http://www.jstor.org/literatum/publisher/jstor/journals/cont...

As you can see, even though the overall distance is 25.1 km, the straight line distance between the start and finish is less than a mile.

Well.. from the article : "across his shoulders". I can't even imagine.

I watched the YouTube "Lost in Taiga" videos in Russian and they mention that the whole family traveled for two days (with overnight camping) over to eat the killed animal. Whether it was this 30km one or a different one is unclear.

On your back, in pieces.

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