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Ask HN: What have you launched this year?
29 points by michaelkscott on Jan 29, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 42 comments
It might be a little too early in the year but...

1.) What product have you shipped so far? (side project, SaaS, MVP, open source, etc...)

2.) Has it gotten any traction yet?

I launched http://wikicancel.org/ this month.

WikiCancel is a subscription, contract, and account cancellation guide. There have been over 40k unique visitors so far. More importantly, visitors are contributing content. I am humbled by the response the site has gotten so far, and I am going to continue to improve WikiCancel based on user feedback.

It was featured on Lifehacker: http://lifehacker.com/5978253/wikicancel-is-a-collection-of-...

Featured on Swissmiss design blog: http://www.swiss-miss.com/2013/01/wikicancel.html

Lots of Tweets including a tweet from @brainpicker who has 298k followers. List of tweets: https://twitter.com/search?q=wikicancel

We launched pressureNET 3.0 this morning. It's an open source Android app that collections barometer measurements from phones and tablets, and sends the data to atmospheric scientists for analysis. Regarding traction, we'll see! The app itself has more than 17,000 downloads and we've collected more than 10,000,000 measurements. Version 3.0 is a very big update, the first that includes proper visualization and sharing of data, so I think we're doing well.

Here's our announcement blog post: http://www.cumulonimbus.ca/pressurenet-3-0-sharing-visualiza...

And the app on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ca.cumulonimbu...

http://www.IslamicEventFinder.com - launched late last year - would help Muslims easily find and make use of all those Islamic events that happen around them all the time.

So far, finding the audience to adapt to this new medium is the toughest part. They are so used to just emails and word of mouth that it's getting really harder get some traction. I know there is a need for this but still struggling through to get some traction.

Any thoughts/suggestions on how to get past this hurdle would be much appreciated.

1. Hack-fy. Sci-fy for hackers. It flopped.

2. FizzBuzz Tshirt. Flopped.

3. Protocademy. Codecademy but for prototyping electronics (which is a huge market). It needs funding ( less than $50K ). I'm currently looking for investors who would like to invest in a startup with a proven business model that generates profits. Seed is needed to hire talent and infrastructure, but its not a lot. Marketing has been under way and there is a good amount of interest in it (because I tested the market and developed the marketing before developing the business). If you are interested shoot me an email (in profile). There is a prototype ready that you can see in action to see how good the idea is. Note that Im not looking for co-founders, but investors.

4. Marketing Bits. Highly successful launch of my marketing newsletter. It is growing like crazy (new subscribers ever day) and has an open-rate of about 40%, which is about 3 times industry average. It is about to be profitable (in less than 1 month). http://bit.ly/14qYrwl

5. Nuuton. Should launch in March.

My porn startup. http://xstashed.com/home/


Some traction with a few hundred users. I need to figure out how to do the advertising.

Apt username. ;)

My Meteorology and Clock app for kids.

It is already up on Amazon, for Android we are awaiting for authorization from Apple, so we can do a simultaneous launch.

Also, it has no traction yet, but I am not sure it will have traction (although the combined downloads across stores being 100k looks impressive, it is a low number compared to some much simpler competitors).


Yay! Apple aproved it yesterday (some hours after I made the previous post).

I will launch it on iOS and Android on 8th of feb :)



Launched it today! Mostly, I just wanted to prove to myself that I could finish a side project. Even if it was just a small one.

1. http://www.flipmeme.com - Reddit + Imgur viewer built for myself and as a side project.

2. 320 average uniques per day, so not really.

Cheers! :)

Is it safe for work? Looks nice :)

It has a NSFW filter, but still some images I would say are not safe for work! :) If you go to channels you can turn it off.

We launched Chime last night. It's a Chrome extension for dealing with your notifications in a simple way. Check us out at http://chimeapp.com

We've only informed our beta sign-ups about the launch and haven't really posted anywhere else. From the sign-ups we've got great traction so far!

Love the UI. Nice job.

Thanks, we all really appreciate the comment!

I agree, it looks really polished.

http://partybeamer.com PartyBeamer turns any screen or projector into an interactive photo wall. During a party everybody can login with their own mobile and send pictures to the central screen. It's working great, but I'm having trouble getting new users.

sounds like a good idea. But doesn't work on my iphone. I cannot select anything.

I launched Cheddar for android. If you havent heard of it, its a really cool To-do list and was only available for iOS and the web. The app is doing quite well and the code is open source.

Here is the link to the app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.creativepe...

And here is the code: https://github.com/aliHafizji/Cheddar-Android

http://WHYLaunched.com - What Have You Launched - A site specifically related to your question. Users can submit their new "launches" or collaborate on other business ideas. Don't have a new launch at the moment? Feel free to browse the other submissions and give feedback. Very early stage but hopefully we gain traction soon.

http://www.RocketLi.st - An event RSVP platform that incentivises attendees to promote the event in return for rewards, in turn giving the organiser free promotion and an insight into their attendees!

Launched it a couple of weeks ago... but finding it hard to get it out to SXSW event organisers before they use something else!

1) I decided to post my design sketches on a Tumblr blog. I figured other designers/product managers may benefit from seeing how someone else thinks through web and app design. 2) No traction yet - just launched three days ago at http://digitaldrafting.tumblr.com/

PC Build Generator http://8bit.co/PCBG

1.)It made a few hundred dollars in Amazon referrals in the first month and very little the second month.

2.)Front page of a few (non default) subreddits, generated 65k builds, 4k visits last month.

Pretty pleased for my first PHP/SQL project put together in a couple of weekends.

I launched Mycelial: http://www.mycelial.com

It's a community/portfolio/resume for people who like to build things. Not much traction, but still useful to me. It was worth building it just for the reason that it provides me with a much better place to display my work.


It's a gamified app for building your ideal future self with habits!

It was just launched yesterday on HN so, for the first day of my first startup, I'm happy with getting over 60 users signed up already. Not sure how to tell what's good traction or not though.

A CRM for job searchers: http://www.jobsarium.com

Getting no traction...

It looks very amateur based on the front page. That's feedback regarding your comment about traction. I think it's great you got it out there. Clean it up a bit and pass out some flyers at job fairs!

1. www.ommageo.com - a video sharing social network using Google Earth as the UI (web version only, Launched last week) 2. Lets just say I launched around the same time as Vine, but have you heard of Ommageo or Vine? HAHA I am not deterred I plan on building out the iphone and android apps.

http://www.chatplode.com - Simple image uploader that allows you to chat with others about your image in real time. Also set a time for the page to self-destruct. Thinking about allowing youtube and vine links to be chatted about too.

After 5 years and 1 month, last week I finally launched my comic.


No traction. Lots of crickets chirping. Kind of what I expected, though.

Nothing. I'm in a bit of a pickle. I don't want to launch something that isn't going to succeed, but it's incredibly hard to predict if an idea is really worth doing. Any tips?

Launch! The only way to figure out if something will succeed is to build it. Talk to your target market first, but don't let that be an excuse to never launch anything.

Be like Nike: Just do it.

Nothing. I'm in a bit of a pickle. I don't want to launch something that isn't going to succeed, but it's incredibly hard to predict if an idea is really worth doing. Any tips?

Are you afraid of failure? You don't want your name associated with a certain project?

I think it's better to launch and "fail fast", than not to launch at all (unless there are significant costs?)

Private social networks for groups and companies: https://www.metasocial.io

It failed. Already started working on a new thing.

Why did it fail? What went wrong w the startup?

Every user had its own unique idea about how the network should work and would only pay if changes were implemented.

http://ex-prj.com. A place where you can post your not-so-successful & don't-want-to-continue side-project.

I've launched my first hardware product: http://indiegogo.com/aircubus

Scala Community - http://www.scalacommunity.com

Really legit and clean site...did you build it yourself? Are you using a CMS?

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