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I just really, really prefer Python and think it would greatly simplify the whole process, make scripts much, much easier to read, write and modify, etc. It's basically an argument that JavaScript is bad. Not sure what the deal is with the cult of JavaScript that's been arising in the last few years but in my mind it's still Brendan Eich's quick "seven days to save the company" hack, and for that it's impressive, but it should have been deprecated a long, long time ago.

To be honest I'm not intimate enough with JS to give a big list of my biggest language-level annoyances off the top of my head. It's just a general distaste/annoyance that occurs every time I get involved in JavaScript code, either the reading or the writing of it. Python, on the other hand, is nearly readable by non-programmers, and is otherwise super cool. I recognize that others may have a different opinion on this than I have and while they're not necessarily wrong for themselves, I believe Python is more accessible in general.

I think the facts that a) almost no one writes bare in-browser JavaScript anymore, it's all through jQuery and b) CoffeeScript and other persistent "rewrite/simplify/improve JS" movements exist and keep coming up are ample evidence that the basic tools provided by the browser and the JS language are insufficient.

This more or less sums up what I despise about JS: http://bonsaiden.github.com/JavaScript-Garden/#intro. Python has way better language design. CoffeeScript may be better suited than Python though, because the callback-heavy nature of web programming is easier to tolerate when you have inline function literals and stuff, in my opinion.

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