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  | | He didn’t say goodbye to anyone because he
  | | knew he couldn’t.
  | Which suggests he knew?
It could suggest:

- He knew he was going to die, but found it too hard say goodbye to people.

- He didn't know (e.g. hit by a bus) and therefore couldn't say goodbye.

- He committed suicide, and his depression prevented him from reaching out to others, even to say goodbye.

So far as we know, any of these could be true.

Granted his wife was distraught when she wrote that, but semantically speaking if you get hit by a bus you don't know what you won't be able to say goodbye.

It sounds like it was either a terminal illness of some sort or his own decision, but frankly the cause is irrelevant. I never heard of him until today but it sounds like he was a good man and it's a shame for his family, friends and the community.

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