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Why do you block ads? It's a leading question, and the answer is likely to be that they are annoying.

But why are they annoying? If you drill down a bit, then it's not because they blink, but because someone somewhere thought that you should see their ad. Because they made a decision for you, without asking, and it's not a decision that you would've made yourself. Similarly, any sort of reporting, anonymous or not, falls into the same domain - someone somewhere decided that you should be OK with it. I don't appreciate this. It's not what they do, it's the fact that they thought they could do it. It's ethics. I don't have a problem with someone accidentally farting in a room, but I would have a problem if someone had a choice of walking out, thought it over and then proceeded to do it anyway.

It might be OK with others, but it's not OK with me. HTH.

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