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I always go to that site and leave again scared.

Is there any FF/Crome add-on that simulates the most frequent configuration setup? There got to be some out-of-the-box setups, that lets one fade into the mist of computer illiterates.

There isn't an add-on, else it would be in that list. But we do got TOR Browser, which is optimized to be untrackable, out-of-the-box, with the standard configuration. Even when using it outside the TOR network, you are better off than with all of these add-ons (mostly because of browser fingerprinting that the OP's suggested configuration is succeptible to).

Beware though that not all sites will work with TOR browser out of the box (because of noscript blocking js), but it is fairly easy to whitelist the js code you need to make them functional.

You might want to try an FF add-on called "User Agent Switcher". Visit panopticlick with that and you can somewhat tailor your fingerprint. Try IE8.

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